Online Shopping Can Help Create Employment Opportunities in Pakistan; says Chinese Expert

The current pandemic period has turned the world upside down and has changed the way we used to live. Due to the “stay home, stay safe” campaign running throughout the world and in the country, people are forced to stay indoors and manage everything within the four walls. Just like other aspects of our lives, the way we used to shop has also been changed and we are now dependent on online shopping. Therefore, e-commerce is at the highest peak in the history of the country and is creating a lot of new jobs. According to a survey conducted by a Chinese Expert, online shopping can help create employment opportunities in Pakistan.

It says that online sales in Pakistan have grown massively during the past four months, and if it continues its logistics and immediate delivery services, it will create 78,000 new jobs. The surprise doesn’t end here! Cheng Xizhong, a visiting professor at the Southwest University of Political Science further added that the figure has a potential of reaching 1.56 million if it continues at the same pace (that is very much likely to happen).

The trend of online shopping in Pakistan isn’t new! People have preferred it for almost a decade now, but now, it is at its peak in the history of the country. The figure never reached this height and it is a positive sign for e-commerce businesses. Those who were running their brick and mortar shops have now shifted to online stores as people have been reluctant in going out for the last four months. Therefore, the vendors had to save their investment and find a way to sell them, and online platforms serve them a great deal.

The sellers have seen a very positive response from buyers in online shopping, and it is also more convenient for them. Therefore, it is very much likely that they shift their sales on the web permanently. Even if they do open their shops once the pandemic is over and the world gets back to normal, they will keep their online store working and will use both the options. It will help them in earning both ways and will surely help them a great deal.

Cheng Xizhong also compared the figure with China and it shows that Pakistan still lags behind its neighbor due to some obvious reasons. He said that e-commerce businesses need strong support from two industries: mobile technology and logistics services. Both are advancing, but the mobile communication facility is still unavailable in some rural areas in the country. It greatly affects digital marketing as the sales may multiply three times if it is available in rural areas.

There are some online stores in Pakistan that worked and still working incredibly well during the corona pandemic. The online shopping stores such as Telemart, Getnow, iShopping & Buyoye along with  made sure that their customers do not face difficulties during this hard time. With slight delays in the delivery due to lockdown, it dispatched its orders door to door.

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