Impact of Android Mobiles in Pakistan

As lifestyle is changing so rapidly in today’s era where technology has revolutionized everything, so is the behavior of humanity, especially when it comes to buying a phone. You will see many brands in market, but the real task is to choose a phone that suits your personality. Android mobiles are in great demand because they are user-friendly and have the option of installing various apps.

Samsung is a leading brand in all sorts of electrical manufacturing and its mobile phones are popular because of amazing apps and user-friendly approach. Making a choice on buying a mobile phone has become confusing but technology-minded at the same time. Samsung phones operate with android or windows based operating systems. There are many Samsung phone models, with different features.

Advantages of Having Samsung Latest Phones


This feature enables the user to enjoy many features at the same time, for e.g. you can scroll on your Facebook and listen to the music at the same time. You can read a message and at the same time, you can make a call. 

Ease of notification

You can always find how many emails are pending, or how many Facebook notifications do you have on the home screen. You can look at the notification without even opening the app.

Diverse phone options

The user can have more than one option while using an android phone, as compared to IOS this feature enables you to install thousands of apps and games with sharing features.

Frequent Google users

This feature allows accessing google and installing many apps. You can also access your Gmail account directly. It can help you download all your contacts present in the google account directly into your mobile phone to avoid any hassle. 

Samsung phones have amazing features such as,

  • Multi-Window
  • Pop-up note
  • Video browser
  • Photo note
  • Easy clip
  • Paper artist (Photo editor)
  • Handwriting on S planner (For emailing)
  • Google maps

These amazing mobile phone features lead to popularity of Samsung phones. Whenever you take the final decision of buying a phone always, make sure that the features equipped to meet your needs. Always read the user-buying guide of the phone to make sure you operate it correctly. Let Qmart in Pakistan help you in choosing the right mobile phone for you.

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