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Local DTH Boxes, a New Consideration by PEMRA

Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is looking forward to introduce a concept of local Direct to Home (DTH) boxes in Pakistan as the people here are more inclined towards the Indian Direct to Home (DTH) boxes. The main concept of PEMRA here in this launch is to provide the viewers an alternative choice against the Indian DTH.

Indian DTH boxes are pretty common among the people of Pakistan and there have been times when a huge number of Indian DTH boxes were also being smuggled and then floated in the market for sales.

This very point was being raised in a hearing of the court case which was also related to the sales of the Indian DTH box since these smuggled boxes were purchased by people paying relatively higher prices as well.

PEMRA was also suggested by court to keep the price of local DTH boxes reasonable as compared to Indian ones to gain market share and customers.

These DTH boxes found at many vendors were also being confiscated and a very detailed case was set up by FIA under a committee being made. However, a number of devices are still operation and the main aim of PEMRA is to eliminate that presence and introduce the local medium.

An attorney general also made a request during the hearing of the case to exempt the tax on the DTH boxes which were being provided locally, to which the Justice Ijazul Ahsan responded that the exemption and imposition of tax is not the duty of court to determine and this task belongs to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

This entire scenario of the local DTH boxes seems to be much active nowadays but for how long is a big question mark and will be witnessed in the coming days.

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