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How to Stay Hidden and Offline on Whatsapp

Privacy is no joke when it comes to Whatsapp considering the great pains taken to provide it e.g. end-to-end encryptions. However, you can add some additional layers of security with some nifty tips and tricks. Here are a few extra steps you can take for staying offline on Whatsapp.

Get Rid of the Last Seen and Blue Tick (Read Receipts)

First and foremost is to turn off your “last seen” and read receipts. For this, open the Settings section on Whatsapp then Account then Privacy. Click on the first option there: Last seen. From there, simply select who should be able to see when you last opened the app. If you select “Nobody”, no one will be able to see anymore when you were last online.

For the blue tick, scroll down and untick the last option: “Read receipts”. By doing this, people will no longer be able to know whether you have opened their messages or not. The blue tick will not show for you anymore. However, it works both ways and you will also not be able to see if your messages have been read yet or not.

Airplane Mode:

Airplane mode can be extremely handy if you don’t want other people to know whether you are receiving their messages. Simply turn on your phone’s airplane mode and they will only see one checkmark in messages. This will tell them that their messages have been sent but you haven’t received them yet. This is also useful for when you want a break and don’t want to receive messages for a little while. Unfortunately, this can only last up until you turn it back off after which you will get all messages again.

Pop-up Notifications:

The final and increasingly popular method is pop-up notifications. Whatsapp introduced this feature fairly recently and has since become increasingly useful for people. To enable them, simply go to Settings, Notifications, and enable “Pop-up notifications”. From the options that appear, select “Always show pop-up notifications”.

From henceforth, you will be able to receive and read all messages on your phone without having to go online. You can check out all types of messages and remain hidden the entire time.

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