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Latest “Feature”: Apple Officially Slows Down 2017 Models

The latest Apple iOS updates were released on 1st November i.e. the iOS 12.1. It carried some handy features like fixes for the charging issues with the iPhone XS and XS Max. That wasn’t all however as one nasty surprise for older versions was also revealed.

The surprise came in the form of Apple’s infamous “performance management feature”. This was for last year’s flagships: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

This “feature” greatly slows down phones. It is done to prevent sudden shutdowns due to degraded batteries on older iPhones.

Apple claims those 3 models have more advanced hardware and software and, hence, the effect will not be very noticeable. Regardless, users should prepare for slower performance following this update.

In a previous statement, Apple had claimed that this feature would not be needed in these phones. It is apparent now, however, how long they planned to stick to that.

Information of Apple’s plans to slow down these models was leaked last year. The company was quick to cover it up with claims that it was merely a measure to resolve battery issues in older smartphones.

On the good side, this feature does provide noticeable improvements in charging for the latest iPhones.

Power Management will automatically turn on as soon as issues start to appear in the device. Fortunately, it can switched off through a toggle. The latest function will notify users when their battery has degraded.

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