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$50,000 Prize Pool: Win Big With Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018

Xiaomi’s yearly Photography Challenge has returned for 2018 with superb prizes worth $50,000. As always, it is necessary that the pictures are taken and edited from a Xiaomi mobile device to qualify.

The Categories:

When uploading and submitting the pictures, participants must select a category to place each photo in. There are a total of 4 to choose from:

  1. Natural look: for People, Selfies, and Portraits.
  2. Piece of the world: for Nature, Cities, Still Life, and Travel.
  3. Dreamscape: for Night scenes, Low-light Photos, and Shadows.
  4. Why so serious: for Lifestyle, Humor, and New Perspectives.

Event Details:

You can upload your photos to Xiaomi’s website until 22nd November after which no more submissions will be accepted. Here are the details for the event:

  • You can upload photos to the event’s official page until 22nd
  • The page will help you through the photo categories and registration process.
  • The account you will use to share your photos will also need to have your contact information and other details.
  • Your photo will get qualified for the next round of the competition if it is able to get 3 or more ‘likes’.
  • Once the upload stage ends on the 22nd, the Evaluation Stage will commence from 26th In this stage, professional photographers will assess each photo and shortlist 100 finalists – 25 from each of the 4 categories.
  • Once that ends, the Voting stage will start from 27th Users will be able to cast their votes for their favourite photographs from among the finalists. To vote, users must simply visit the main event page.


In order to qualify for this contest, you must use a Xiaomi smartphone. Only Xiaomi’s own built-in photo editor must be used – no third party editing apps can be used.

Other necessary requirements are:

  • You must provide EXIF information along with each photo.
  • Photo size must be between 300KB to 10MB.
  • One person can submit a maximum of 6 photos only.
  • Images sent unofficially or after 25th November will not qualify.
  • If you are among the 100 finalists selected, you will be asked to provide evidence of purchasing your Xiaomi smartphone. It must be the same one that you took your chosen photo with. Other information will also be needed.
  • No registration fee is needed. Participants will only need to agree to the event’s terms and conditions to enter.

Exciting Prizes:

There will be 3 prizes up for grabs for 3 selected winners.

Judges will pick 1 contestant from the total of 25 in each of the 4 categories. Those first place winners will be awarded $10,000.

Second place winners from each category will receive $2000. Third place winners will receive $500.

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