Return of the Hyundai: Speculated Launch of New Santro in Pakistan

Fresh competition for small cars in the automobile market expected to come in the form of a hatchback from returning company Hyundai.

The Hyundai’s most well-known classic, the Santro, recently launched in India. It had once upon a time been in production in Pakistan and had been fairly popular as well. Unfortunately however, Hyundai pulled out from Pakistan and ceased all operations in the country.

India faced a similar experience in the past with the Santro. Hence when the company announced its surprise launch in India, many suspected Pakistan might also hear similarly good news soon. Pakistan’s automobile industry has been evolving recently. Seeing that, many companies like Hyundai have stepped foot in Pakistan but have yet to launch any cars.

Solid Competition for the Alto and Bravo

Small budget cars like the Mehran, Alto, and Bravo are extremely popular and high in demand in Pakistan. Back when the Santro was still available in Pakistan, it too enjoyed a tonne of positive feedback and successful sales.

Globally, the car is actually known as Hyundai Atos but named Santro for Pakistan and India. It would be obviously feasible and profitable for the company to launch the hatchback here considering Pakistan’s high market need.

Features and Variants:

In India the Santos comes in 6 different variants with different features. These include choices for engine, components and other features. Although the car would carry the same name in both countries, they might not have the same features. If launched, the hatchback may have different variants and features better suited for Pakistan.


No official news or confirmation has been released concerning these speculations for now. The country will have to wait for that. However, the automobile industry has high hopes such a thing might come to pass in the near future.

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