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Pakistan Government Delays Blocking of Non PTA Certified Handsets

Pakistan government recently announced its decision to block all uncertified handsets from 20th October 2018. This has been postponed however with no new date from PTA.

Mobile phones operating without certification from PTA were planned to be blocked. The Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication decided to delay this in a recent conference.

If you want to confirm however whether yours is certified or not, dial *#06# from your phone. You will then receive one or two IMEI numbers depending on number of SIM card slots. You can then verify your device either by text or with the internet. Text your IMEI number to 8484. You can also install the Device Verification System – DIRBS app or visit the PTA site. Enter your IMEI number in either of those portals to check certification.

Prior to this delay, dealers and handset retailers had asked to have the activation of DIRBS delayed. DIRBS is a phone verification system created to encourage legal import and activation of handsets in Pakistan.

They argued that it would be disastrous blow to the smartphone industry especially with the deadline it had had then.

As such, the entire thing has been delayed. PTA has stated that the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication will decide the new date of the deadline.

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