Government Moves Towards Equality: O/A Levels to End In Pakistan

PTI government reveals plans to terminate the O and A Level Education System from Pakistan

O/A Levels Reforms

Recent news has surfaced that the Federal Government plans to erase O/A Levels from Pakistan for good in an attempt at bringing about equality and uniformity in the education system.

Until now, two academic structures had been running in parallel in Pakistan – Matric system and the British O/A Level system. Sources have surfaced now that the government plan on eliminating the latter of the two and will turn their attention to providing one single academic structure across Pakistan.

Previously, the government had stated it would take measures to end the multiple academic structures running simultaneously in Pakistan to ensure equality and equality opportunity for all when it comes to education, regardless of social and financial status.

Once implemented, residents of Pakistan will no longer be able to acquire O/A Level certification. Besides ensuring equality, this will also help education institutes to operate under a uniform curriculum across the country.

However, with regards to quality of education, the government has provided no further information. The reason why so many students choose O/A Levels over Matric is to secure their place in competitive universities abroad. Many of these universities do not accept the matriculation system. This forces many students, even those to whom O/A Levels might not be so affordable, choose it.

Madrasas To Also Be Reformed

The government is also attempting to reform education in Madrasas without affecting their religious inclination. There are attempts to now introduce Maths, Science, and English Language as compulsory subjects. These will push Madrasas forward into a more suitable and updated educational system better able to help students.

However, the PTI government is not the first to attempt this. The previous government also attempted to bring about such changes in Madrasa, however, many are continuing to ignore them and have reverted to their old curricula.

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