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OPPO To Bring Smartphone Gaming To A New Level With Hyper Boost Tech

A surprising new pattern can be seen in the smartphone industry as of late. Long since the underdogs, Chinese manufacturers have now become the ones who can be seen taking the most initiative. They now excel in innovation and taking leaps into the future of smartphone devices. Companies like Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus can be seen most notably in this regard. OPPO has proved that recently by announcing a soon-to-be launch of its Hyper Boost Technology.

We have seen similar forms of this from Huawei and Honor. They offer GPU Turbo technology targeted towards boosting GPU functionality. The launch event has been announced to take place on 11th October in Shanghai. The Chinese media has already been invited.

An OPPO poster surfaced on the internet with the slogan “Towards an era of acceleration” which clearly implied advancements concerning supported smartphones.

Hyper Boost is expected to enhance the performance of its supported OPPO devices. However, there is some obscurity when it comes to whether the tech will accelerate the performance of only the GPU or the CPU as well.

As mentioned earlier, Huawei offers similar GPU Turbo Technology however that is exclusive to models with Kirin chipsets. It would hence give OPPO a competitive edge if they were to offer their Hyper Boost tech in both phones with Qualcomm or MediaTek chipsets.

Earlier, OPPO launched their Super VOOC which is the latest advancement in fast charging. will power your phone up from zero to full in just 35 minutes. That makes it essentially the fastest charging technology in the market till now. It is available only in their OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition however.

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