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A Step Into The Future: Digital Smart Cards to Retire Traditional Vehicle Registration Books In Pakistan

Excise and Taxation Department has announced that new digital smart cards will replace vehicle registration books around October 2018.

The Director of the Rawalpindi Excise Department stated that these NFC-equipped cards will enable better security as well as make the entire vehicle registry verification process much more convenient for citizens.

In addition to this, new number plates and universal numbers will also be launched. Universal numbers will ensure a more reliable and secure registration process with lesser chances of people escaping the motor vehicle tax or acquiring fake number plates. They will be issued alongside the Smart Card.

Previously, each district had its own data. Now, however, a central server will hold all the public registry data allowing the universal number to work in any district.

The Smart Cards

Here is what you need to know about the new vehicle Smart Cards:

  • It will cost Rs. 500 and expire after 5 years after which it will need to be replaced.
  • When an owner sells their car, the buyer will need to get issued a new smart card.
  • Since they are digital, each card will have its own chip which will allow the card to provide data to supported devices near it.
  • Special security will be added to these cards to guard against data forgery.
  • The cards will hold data such as the owner’s name, CNIC/passport information, the engine and chassis number of the vehicle, registration number, assed annual tax, token status, engine details, etc.

Updated Data Servers

Shifting the data to a central server will thwart any more cases of duplicate number plates as people will no longer be able to register one vehicle in two separate districts. Authorities will be able to use the vehicle’s chassis number to verify it is not already registered.

These smart cards will make paying tokens and keeping a record of payments easier.

New Number Plate Design

A new design for the number plates will also be implemented. An official from the Excise department stated that PSCA (Punjab Safe City Project) camera have been having issues reading number plates. Hence a newer design will be launched which will be easier for sensors to read.

A few areas like Islamabad have already begun issuing registration cards however now it will be made mandatory for all to replace the registration books with cards.

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