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Largest Prize Ever For A Gaming Tournament in Pakistan Up For Grabs By Mountain Dew

In recent years, Pakistan’s gaming community has begun to flourish and Mountain Dew Gamers Arena is here to push it into the spotlight.


Mountain Dew Gamers Arena, announced on 3rd October, is set to be the biggest gaming tournament in Pakistan to date. Teams will compete in Dota 2 and CS:GO for prize money of up to Rs. 1 million. The tournament is as such bringing the largest prize pool for a local event ever up for grabs.

Dota 2 and CS:GO are among the top bestselling and most competitive games on the digital distribution platform, Steam.

The gaming scene is Pakistan is not one to be underestimated seeing as how the country produced one of the biggest names in the global eSports community called Sumail, IGN SumaiL, who has become a legend and force to be reckoned with in his own right.

However tournaments in Pakistan seemed to have been exclusive to universities, colleges and small gaming dens until now.

Mountain Dew has teamed up with eSports organizing giant ESL to create the Mountain Dew Gamers Arena to change all that.

The event will play out for the next three months in which participants will be pitted against each other. Winners will take home the prize money and bragging rights for being the best the country has to offer.

Marketing Director of PepsiCo, Salman Butt said that PepsiCo wants to give Pakistan an international presence when it comes to gaming. For that he plans on providing Pakistani gamers platforms and chances to showcase their talent.

Registrations for the tournament are currently open. More information about that can be found on Mountain Dew’s official Facebook page.

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