GRAND FINALE: Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Bayaan takes the crown and becomes Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season’s winning band.

On Sunday 2nd September 2018, the Grand Finale for Pepsi Battle of the Bands was aired and at long the winner was announced. But not before a series of awe-inspiring and truly beautiful performances by the judges and Shahi Hassan, followed by Bayaan and Xarb’s final performances for this episode.

Before all that however came the time for the judges to give their final parting words of advice to the two bands for their hopefully bright futures.

Fawad wished both the bands the best of luck regardless of who will win.
Meesha expressed how incredibly proud she felt for both bands; global, not just local, audiences have paid witnessed to their talent and this will surely go a long ways in projecting them further.
Faisal gave golden words of advice by advising that a band must stick together; compromise and unity will be key. The vocalist will naturally get more limelight and it is the vocalist’s duty then to bring the rest of the band members forward as well. Summing it all up in wise little analogy, Faisal stated that it is essentially like a marriage and each member must feel they are nothing without each other and the band.
Bilal then stated that these 7 weeks had felt like the summarization of Strings’ 30 years with the amount of hard work and perseverance they had seen here; both these bands are winners already. Bilal offered them the opportunity to bring their songs and compositions with them in the future so they make work together and advise them and help them put together an album.

Strings kicked off the performance segment of the show with their hot song ‘Zinda’ that also featured in a movie with the same name. The live performance was just as good as the recorded version and delivered a good dose of nostalgia as well.

Meesha Shafi’s band donning masks halfway through the song ‘Mein’

Next came Meesha Shafi debuting her upcoming song ‘Mein’ which felt nothing short of a masterpiece. She described it as a heightened audio visual performance and it proved itself to be just that. To achieve all this, a variety of instruments and artists were utilized ranging from cello, violin, even bowls used in therapy to unlock inner energy levels and a spectacular female percussionist all in the mix together. The result was a beautiful, slow, melodic song.

Shahi Hassan performing Maula

One of Pakistan’s most popular bands, Shahi Hassan, then took to the stage to perform their rendition of Vital Signs’ ‘Maula’ which they had prepared in a mere 24 hours! The rendition carried an alternative rock tone and spoke of youth and those wishing to better the country.

Next up was Fawad Khan with the first ever performance of his song ‘Satrangi’ which he described as being fusion considering the sheer number of artists who had joined to make this possible on stage.

Then came the finalists’ performances. First up was Bayaan with their brand new original ‘Nahein Milta’. The judges praised their deep, mature song writing and beautiful vocals.

Last but not the least was Xarb with their original ‘Kashmakash’ which they surprisingly had written during their Pepsi Battle of the Bands journey! The judges praised them for bringing a new side of their band forward and delivering an uplifting, spectacular performance.

Bayaan declared season 3’s winners

The Director of Pepsico marketing, Salman Butt then stepped on stage to present the trophy to season 3’s winning band. The judges mentioned how this season had seen 3 times as bands show up at auditions as compared to last year. Bayaan was crowned Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 winners and also received a 50 lakh cash prize, lifetime royalties of their performances and a free album whereas Xarb at second place won a 25 lakh cash prize and a first album deal.

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