Unknowing citizens tricked out of their money in name of the Diamer Bhasha Fund Raising project by corrupt bank officials. People depositing money towards the fund must demand a proper deposit slip!

Pakistan is currently facing a dire reality: water shortage. Water is central to all life and the country is burning up its resources at a frightening rate with many regions already living through severe water shortage. To solve this, the Diamer Bhasha Fund was started through which citizens could generously donate towards the construction of the much-needed dam and help their country in its time of need. Some malicious and corrupt citizens however have used this as an opportunity instead it seems to exploit the cause for their own benefit.

Recently, a story surfaced on Facebook from a man who explained that one of his colleagues had recently visited a UBL branch to deposit money towards the Diamer Bhasha Dam Fund. After taking the man’s money, the cashier on duty serving him at that time had merely stamped and signed the filled in deposit form and told him the funds had been transferred. Proper procedure however says the cashier should also have issued him a deposit slip. So when the man demanded one, the cashier insisted he had followed proper procedure and could not issue any further conformation

When they called the UBL branch the next day, the Manager Operations there stated that the funds had been transferred and proper procedure had been followed. To confirm this the two then deposited money again towards the fund but through a different UBL branch where they were in fact issued a proper deposit slip.

They took all that and went to the previous branch and showed them the slip and questioned the Manager Operations who then confessed that the cashier had transferred the deposit to an anonymous account and they were trying to recover it.

They have now filed proper complaints to UBL along with all the proofs and images of the entire transaction and the employees involved and can only hope UBL take serious action.

Exploiting both a national crisis and stealing hard-earned money of citizens merely trying to help their country?! This can be called nothing short of atrocious. Beware and demand a proper deposit slip like the one shown above and ensure your efforts towards helping Pakistan are not wasted. We sincerely hope UBL and other banks take note and take serious action against any such frauds ever happening again.

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