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The Infinix Note 5 – A Smarter Android

For the first time ever, Infinix held a launch event in Dubai introducing their new Android device, the highly anticipated Infinix Note 5. The Note 5 is the splendid result of a joint venture between Google and a stock Android experience by Infinix and, as such, had caused quite a stir among the public before it had even been released. Able to grab the attention of any Smartphone enthusiast, it was assured to become the ultimate Infinix mid-range flagship phone to date.

The Infinix Note 5 was specifically designed to stand out even from others in the Infinix’s Note series. Its glossy design, intelligent Android Operating System with cutting-edge technology inside, is a league apart from its predecessors.


The Infinix Note 5 has one of the best bezel-less infinity FHD+ 6 inch screen with an 18:9 ratio considering its affordable price. Its auto-adjusted brightness levels make using it throughout the day at various levels of lighting easy and effortless. Whether it’s an HD movie, video game or just scrolling through your twitter, you won’t find yourself having to squint at your screen.


What if you forget your charger on a trip and can’t arrange for a new one within a day or even two? That’s no problem at all for the Note 5 which allows full usage without charging for not just one but THREE days due to its massive 4500mAh battery. The Note 5 also provides a 3A fast charge capability for minimal time required for charging.


Typically, a phone with a longer battery life is built with hardware with lower specs so that the burden on the battery is lessened. The Note 5 however, supports a 4GB RAM along with 64 GB ROM, and a fast MT6763 processor. This makes the Notes 5 highly capable of handling even the most demanding of apps users might throw its way.

Android One

Coming to the real beauty of the device, its OS which is solely Android One, without the usual XOS provided by Infinix giving the Note 5 a completely clutter-less user experience. Effortless interaction and intuitive features make the Android stock OS a lot more convenient. It has automatic regular update checks and allows apps to run faster than ever before.

All in all, the phone is an incredible new launch from Infinix Mobile. Through this phone, they have achieved a distinctive, cutting-edge experience for their users and have made available innovative technology from Google available in a reasonable price range

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