Bahria University Karachi orders students to keep 6 inch distance inside premises

We have come across many polices followed by institutions that are either very strong and sometimes don’t. Bahria University Karachi has been one of these educational institutes that have been in the front of following policies from disciplinary actions to image building.

Bahria University Karachi campus came under fire on social media for ordering its female and male students “to keep a distance of minimum 06 inches while standing or sitting together.”

According to the media reports, a notification issued by the Director of Bahria University Karachi asked its students to strictly follow the dress code.

The Bahria University Karachi ordered the students of opposite gender to keep a distance as “touching of males and females is forbidden”.

The notification reads, “All students are hereby directed to strictly abide by the dress code while in the university. Instructions have been issued for the disciplinary action against the violators as per the rules,”

“Male and female students are to maintain a distance of at least 06 inches while sitting/standing together”, the notification added.

Bahria University warned the students, if they will violate the rules heavy fines will be imposed. According to the disciplinary action in case of violence, the BU students have to pay Rs 5000 on the second strike and their attendance will be barred over third strike, the website warns.

All HODs and security staff members are directed to ensure the implementation of directives.

The private university has also been criticized in past form its strict dress code in which women are not allowed to wear sleeveless shalwar qameez and tights.  Scarf and Dupatta have been mentioned as compulsory items with all dressed on the university’s website.

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